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This group is specifically for people with an incurable or terminal diagnosis. Whether you need to talk about dying, or about making the most of your life, you can discuss your feelings openly here.

am worried that I have got incurable cancer

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Saw my GP yesterday and he had the results of a CT scan had done because developed lymphoedema in one leg. I know he felt awful giving me the news that I had stuff ask over the place and I know learn more when I see the surgeon who did my original hysterectomy. But.....I am worried they will just say there is to much going on and they be won't able to be treat me. I am so worried I be able to cope, how have others managed?

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My spelling is dreadful. That should have said I had stuff ask over the place.

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Hi Frannie,

I hope you have some good news from your scan.

You might want to try writing on a thread where people have more experience of  what you're going through.

As the title of this group says, this is just for people with a diagnosed incurable illness.

Best wishes,


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Hi frannie you don't say what the result of the scan is, there are different groups for different cancers you could look for the one most suited to you. Make a list of questions for when you see your surgeon and write down the answers too. Wishing you good luck and hope its not as bad as your thinking. Big hug Ditzy xx