Information on Macmillan's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Taskforce event

LGBT TaskforceAttend our next national Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans gender (LGBT) Taskforce event.

  • Why do we need you?

Following the very productive first session we ran earlier in the year, we are pleased to invite you to join us for the second national LGBT and cancer Taskforce event. The aim of this event is to work together with a cross section of people within the LGBT community to really understand the big challenges that were identified in the first event and to start identifying practical and innovative ways to tackle them.

  • What can you gain from this opportunity?

LGBT people with cancer can face disadvantage, inequality and discrimination. Your involvement as partners in this taskforce will help shape Macmillan’s work nationally to improve outcomes for LGBT people with cancer and to tackle inequalities.

This is an opportunity for you to share your stories and make new connections to help paint a picture of the experiences of the LGBT community who are affected by cancer. We will use and build on the insights and ideas generated earlier to help develop new ways of improving services so that this community get the treatment and support they need, when they need it.

We would love you to attend whether you came to the first event or not!

  • How much time should you offer? When would you be needed? Where will you be based? What activities will you be involved in?

Where: Impact Hub, Birmingham in the ‘Town Hall’ space, Walker Building, 58 Oxford St, Birmingham B5 5NY

When: Thursday 28 April, 4pm – 8pm

The event will be structured and interactive, but led by the views and input of those attending. Food and refreshments will be provided, plus reasonable travel costs and hotel accommodation will be paid in advance or reimbursed. The venue is fully accessible.

  • What support is offered?

One-to-one support will be available from Macmillan staff and facilitators present at the event

  • What are we looking for?

We are looking for a diverse and representative cross section of the LGBT community affected by cancer or someone who has cared for someone from the LGBT community who has experienced cancer, with a good mix of ethnic backgrounds, ages, sexualities, gender identities, geographical regions, and a variety of cancer experiences.

If you are interested in attending then please contact Fatimah Vali on or call 0207 091 2405.


  • If anyone is thinking about coming to this and is wondering what to expect, I went to the first one on 30th January in Manchester and it was a really enjoyable event.

    There was a wide cross section of people at that one, both people affected by cancer and people who work in healthcare and support services of all ages. 

    I expect this one to be just as good.

  • Will there be an LGBT meeting/event in Brighton anytime soon?

    Please let me know. Thank you.


  • Hi Amanda,

    I don't know if one is planned that is connected with Macmillan's LGBT and Cancer Taskforce but, if there is, the person who would know is Fatimah Vali, Senior Engagement Officer, and she can be contacted on 0207 081 2405. That's the number that is shown on the webpage. 

    I'm hoping that it's all working its way south since it started in Manchester on January 30th and the next one is in Birmingham next week. It'd be great if one could take place in both Brighton and London. Both have a large LGBT population so I suppose it must follow that there'd be more LGBT people who, like us, are affected by cancer in those places. I'm in London and really like trying to relive my youth in Brighton as much as I can :-)

    Even if there's nothing currently scheduled for Brighton it might be worth asking Fatimah Vali to add your name to her email list so you can be among the first to hear where other events take place.  The same goes for everybody reading this no matter where you live in the UK.

    Best Wishes


  • Hi everyone,

    This is just to let you know a bit about yesterday's LGBT and Cancer Taskforce event that took place in Birmingham yesterday (28th April 2016).

    It followed on from the first one that was held in Manchester on January 30th although for many of the 24 people there yesterday was their first time. Once again there was a mixture of people, some with cancer, some affected by cancer, some health professionals and some Macmillan staff, plus others who helped facilitate the different parts of the event.

    We brought together the main issues that came from the January event - for example educating Health Care Professionals about the different needs of LGBT people affected by cancer, combatting homophobia and transphobia in support groups and ensuring recognition of same sex partners.

    The next event is planned for sometime in early July in London so if you're interested in getting involved look out for the info.

    Here's a link to a short YouTube video about the Birmingham event -

    Best Wishes


  • Hi everyone,

    The date of the next LGBT and Cancer Taskforce event is 18th July. No other details yet except that it'll take place in London. If you would like to get involved please let me know.

    All the best


    p.s. If you use social media try this hashtag - #lgbttaskforce It's the one that Macmillan's LGBT and Cancer Taskforce is going to be using.

  • Hello everyone.

    Good to see the existence of this group.

    I have breast cancer and recently had a mastectomy etc.

    Glad to hear from anyone else in this fairly rare group.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks for details of this event.

    Have made a note of it.


  • Hello Roger, 

    Welcome to the online community, where none of us really want to need to be, and welcome to the LGBT Lounge, too. 

    I see you've made a note of the date of the next LGBT and Cancer Taskforce event. The July one will be somewhere in London, not sure of exact details yet but I'll post them here when I have them. 

    How are you after your mastectomy? Did you have it done recently? If you haven't already found it you'll find lots of help and support in the Breast Cancer thread. Within that thread there are lots of different discussion groups but if you don't find the one that you want you can just start it yourself. If you're new to online forums and don't know how to start a new discussion, or you're just new to this one, the help section will be useful to you, too.

    if you haven't already done it, can you please take a moment to put something in the About me bit of your online profile. It can be as much or as little as you want.

    I'll be going to the July event, hope to see you there - and anyone else from the LGBT Lounge who'd like to go, too.

    Best Wishes


  •  Hi all,

    Please have a look at the attached photo. It's what is being used to publicise the next meeting of Macmillan's LGBT and Cancer Taskforce event in London on 18th July.

    I intend being there and hope as many others as possible can get involved.

    All the best