Reversal terror

Hi, I am having my reversal tomorrow and wasn't given much info about what to expect. I probably did the worst thing and googled. All I can see is talk of incontinence and going up to 60 times a day. One person said they are at 20 months post op and "only" going 15 times now. I'm absolutely terrified, I can't live like that. I under 40 and never was prepared that that may be what I face after all this. I'd rather keep my bag. Please please someone tell me it's not that bad and that I'm only seeing the worst cases. Is it that those who have it good just don't answer posts as they don't want to rub in how great they have it. I'm seriously considering pulling out. I have found the bag really easy to deal with, I am not embarrassed about it, it is what it is. But I don't think I could handle that, if that's what it's like for the rest of my life. 

Sorry to be so doom and gloom

Please give me positive stories

  • *update

    I'm now at two weeks post op. I didn't want to put anything too early as I wanted to see how it went. I had a constant need to go to the  loo for the first 7 days after eating, that has subsided now. I was going once every day and a half roughly, so I reintroduced fibre around day 9. Well that got things moving. Then I started to feel this urgency people were talking about. It does give you the runs!

    I have found the trick is to give yourself time on the toilet. It's a good 5 mins to be able to go, then sometimes you think your done stand up, and you nerd to go more. 

    I never really feel like I'm finished, which is a little frustrating but I'm sure that will get better. 

    Yesterday was a bad day and I probably felt the need to go about 10 times. Luckily it's covid so I'm not out and about much. 

    All in all I feel I have been very luck and this whe reversal is way better than I thought. 

  • Good news for you. I left off the fibre for a while longer, about 4 months. Now ok. Just going maybe twice a day but it does take a while! Do not miss Gollum one bit. Take care and keep safe. Peter.