Reversal terror

Hi, I am having my reversal tomorrow and wasn't given much info about what to expect. I probably did the worst thing and googled. All I can see is talk of incontinence and going up to 60 times a day. One person said they are at 20 months post op and "only" going 15 times now. I'm absolutely terrified, I can't live like that. I under 40 and never was prepared that that may be what I face after all this. I'd rather keep my bag. Please please someone tell me it's not that bad and that I'm only seeing the worst cases. Is it that those who have it good just don't answer posts as they don't want to rub in how great they have it. I'm seriously considering pulling out. I have found the bag really easy to deal with, I am not embarrassed about it, it is what it is. But I don't think I could handle that, if that's what it's like for the rest of my life. 

Sorry to be so doom and gloom

Please give me positive stories

  • Don't worry. A bit weird for a few days but then ok. I had my reversal last December after having my stoma for nearly 12 months. All was ok. You will be a bit loose while your bowel settles down, but I had a good supply of loperamide with me. Any problems will be sorted out by staff and your surgeon. I was in Salford Royal and surgeon and staff were very good. If you can get one any embarrassment will be sorted out with your own toilet rather than just to rely on a commode and screen round your bed. Best of luck. I am not missing my stoma (Gollum) at all and would say go for it. Life goes on all the better without the bag. Peter.

  • Peter, thank you so much for replying, this makes me feel better..... But how long did it take to settle and is it manageable now? I mean I know I will never be 'normal' again. But will I need to plan in toilet stops on holiday forever, especially after meals?

  • It took about 6 days to settle and do a solid poo and go home. It is completely manageable now. I go about twice in a morning and that is it. No worries after meals. Very rare to go again during the day. Like I said keep loperamide handy I was taking 24 a day when I had Gollum, but now between 12 and 16 a day.The only real downside is the flatulence after not farting for 12 months it feels strange. I have not regretted having the operation and lead a fairly normal life now. Best of luck, Peter. Forgot to say I am now 74, so if I can manage it will be ok.

  • I'm just in my gown now! Thanks for responding. You really put my mind at rest. 

  • Hi Tumbum,

    I hope your reversal went well! I will watch your journey with interest.

    My partner has been waiting for 18 months for his reversal and was told that these ops had not resumed. 

    I am glad they have as he is not coping with his stoma. 

    I have not told him about what could be  the pitfalls afterwards, i'm sure everyone is different.

    Best wishes with your ongoing recovery. 


  • Hi Sam1959, 

    Well op was on Wednesday, pain has not been too bad. Up and about yesterday but wasn't allowed to eat until today. First poop came within 30 mins of eating a small cake. Not a lot and very runny so still waiting to see what it's really like after a proper meal. But so far, so good! Though I may well be speaking too soon. 

  • Glad you are not too bad. It will be a bit funny for a few days but will clear with the help of loperamide. Diuralite will also help.I was told to mix a batch up with up to 10 sachets and drink during the day. Loperamide was and still is a lifesaver, now only taking 4x4 Times a day. Keep thinking positive as things will settle down and get better, especially when you get home. Keep on a low fibre diet for a while - boring but worth it. Best regards, Peter.

  • Hi Tumbum, 

    Glad all went well and progress is positive. 

    My partner Geoff had an appointment with the stoma nurse on Thursday. He has got a hernia and some stoma soreness, which could account for some of his pain. 

    The good news is that his hospital is going back to 100% capability next week, so fingers crossed his reversal may be before Christmas.

    All the best! 

  • San1959

    In the interests of full disclosure, apparently I am 'young' at under 40 and also didn't have any chemo, I'm not too sure where my join was in my rectum. So apparently I am the 'ideal' candidate for a successful reversal, but I have seen other people from all different situations who had an easy time post op too. 

    I used to get soreness, I highly recommend rings, I cut them in half rather than stretching them and stuck them directly over the sore parts, they worked really well.

    Also got a cavalon spray, which was also good. I'm the hospital they gave me cavalon swabs that were great but cost the earth. I believe you may be able to get them on proscription. 

    All the best with the reversal, I isolated continuously as that enabled me to slot into a cancellation, wasn't expecting a reversal till at least October.

    All the best, I hope he gets his reversal soon. 

  • Hi Tumbum,

    Many thanks for the tips. I hope progress is being made for you. 

    Geoff didn't have chemo either so lets hope he has a straightforward reversal and recovery. 

    I think he would have been due about now for his reversal, fingers crossed it won't be long. 

    Take care