Phantom Rectum

Phantom Rectum Is becoming a huge hindrance and it’s affecting my existence. Walking is impossible without discomfort. Frowning2️ Any suggestions please? I had an Elape Oct 2018.  

  • Is it an actual phantom rectum or is the discomfort caused by build up of mucus?

    The solution is probably the same for both. Just sit on the toilet as in the old days and try to relax. If there is mucus, you will pass it through time. An actual "phantom rectum" usually calms down if you just sit on tthe toilet for a short while too.

    Sitting in a warm bath will also help.

  • Thanks defo phantom rectum as I’ve had sigmoid colon rectum anus and coccyx removed. As soon as I’m vertical it comes back and I’m worried it’s the cancer comeback as it feels as though I’m sat on golf ball.

  • Yes, I can now see that you've had a different procedure from me.  I hope it's nothing serious but it might be a good idea to get things checked out.

  • Thanks JohnnyJ.