Hi. Every time I take a shower my bag leaks. Any ideas or suggestions please would be helpful. 

  • Hi

    I'm sorry to hear about the problem you're encountering when you take a shower.  Although I can't answer your question, I noticed that your post hadn't had any response yet.

    If you haven't already tried this, you could use the search bar in the group and type in 'leakage' to have a look through older posts which mention this. Another possibility is to post your question in the Ask a nurse section of the community and one of the specialist nurses will aim to reply within 2 working days.


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  • Hi PRW,

    What kind of pouch are you using - closed or drainable? There are many kinds of pouches available, but I would say that if your's in leaking every time you take a shower, you should speak to your stoma nurse - it might be something as simple as the pouch type. 


  • Hi Linda mines a draining pouch. My stoma nurse is coming out on Wednesday so I will mention it.  

  • Some pouches are better that others. I like Coloplast Sensura Mia and I go swimming with these and everything.

    However, most pouches shouldn't really leak on showering if they have been applied properly. As suggested, it would be best to have a word with your stoma nurse. Your actual stoma may require that you you should use a certain type of pouch too and, maybe, a seal might help too.

  • Hello PRW, 

    I can't say I've had any leakage in the shower.  I use a drainable pouch like you, currently the Oakmed Option Soft Convex, and it is pretty secure even after  a gym class.  I was told that the adhesive is designed to actually stick better if it is wetted and mine has proved really good so far. 

    I do like to keep it dry so use a shower cap over the pouch.  Sounds ridiculous.  Looks pretty funny too, but I hate the covering dripping until I can do a pouch change.  A bit of micropore tape attaching it to your stomach gives some extra protection but also shreds the plastic cap so I just rely on the elastic that normally goes round your head.  Honestly the things we get up to but we do have to find some novel adjustments

    Hope you find a solution with your stoma nurse

  • Thanks for that. Will definitely try the shower cap.