Skin sore around stoma

Hello again. Since posting my previous question, and thank you again for all the help and advice, I have been in touch with the hospital stoma nurse about the soreness. 

He says to  start changing the bag every day rather than every 2 days. Still really red and the sore area is exactly the size and shape of the bag. Really depressed with this. It is affecting my mobility too, as it hurts so much when I move around. Any advice please? 

  • Hi I recently changed the bags my husband uses on advice of the stoma nurse because he was having problems.  The new bags are made by salts I had a call from their team and she said any problems with bags. Skin anything related to give them a call, our supplier is Fittleworth and she said they too could give advice so I am just wondering if it might be worth you contacting either the manufacturer or your supplier they may be able to help you.

    its horrible being sore and uncomfortable and I really hope you get it sorted real soon.  Best Wishes to you xx

  • Hello Tipey,

    Pleased to meet you though sorry for the circumstances.  

    I had some problems as I began to rebuild my weight after stoma surgery.  My stoma team were really helpful so do always ask for their input, no matter how much you feel you are making a fuss (you aren't).  I changed pouch brand as my nurse said the new ones had a slightly deeper convex section which would suit me better and stop the leaks that were plaguing me.  

    I was also given a barrier spray (Cavillon) and a non-stick powder(Orahesive) to give the skin protection until the redness faded.  It hasn't gone completely but I use these from time to time if things get too pink.  I'd love the model stoma with no band of colour round it but am getting used to the fact that it looks unlikely.  I like to think Charlie has a halo Slight smile

    See what products your team have on hand, or check out things with the lovely people at ColostomyUK.  The longer you have a stoma the more products you will find and there is something out there for everyone.  Good luck

  • I just wanted to say thankyou for your really informative response. I like the idea of Charlie with a halo! Yes, I am starting the daily changing routine with Cavillon and the Orahesive. I think there is already a slight improvement. It is the pulling on my spare tyre where the bag hangs which is still sore, so I am looking into getting a belt to see if that helps. Best wishes.

  • So glad it was helpful, Tipey (sorry, did I call you Tipsey before?).

    I am just past my two year anniversary after surgery and it has been a steep learning curve so I'm glad to be able to pass some ideas on.  I had to adjust my products as I regained the weight I had lost prior to surgery so things do develop over time.

    I did try a belt and it was fine for a while.  But it was eventually the cause of Charlie's soreness so I switched to using underwear with a pouch in.  This works really well for me.  The pouch supports the bag without adding pressure onto my stomach and the cotton lining against my skin is much cooler in summer.  

    Have a look at some of the companies that offer them.  I use Vanilla Blush - recommended by my colo-rectal nurse and easily found if you put the name into your search engine.  We are 'allowed' to ask for six pairs of pants and two/three support garments on prescription per year.  I order through Fittleworth and they organise everything but I do top up at my own expense too. I mean, six pairs of pants a year..... 

    Hope the improvement goes on.  Good luck and best wishes to you too

  • Hi Tipey 

    I have had a permanent stoma for 2 years now, I started irrigating every other day end of Feb 2020, this last few weeks  I too have got a very red sore area under my stoma bag, my stoma team gave me some eosin to apply to the sore area and it seems to be working, the lotion is red/ pink and dyes your skin but eventually comes off.

    Might be worth asking if your team are able to let you have some to try, remember what works for one may not work for others.


  • Hello Eclaire55

    I couldn't agree more.  Everyone is different but things change over time too.  I had a stoma buddy at the start of all this fun.  She had had her stoma for 40 years using the same products but had suddenly had to change from 'washers' to paste as she was becoming allergic to them.  This is why I really appreciate this forum.  There is always something new to learn.

    Hope you are feeling more comfortable.  Best wishes

    1. Hi Tipey. As well as following the other suggestions, have you tried Dansac “donuts”. These fit round the bag, over the sore place and protect it from poo where the bag may not be a perfect fit. And LBF barrier cream works better for me than the powder. Good luck!

    keep going....

    Every blessing