Soreness at top of stoma bag

I have had a stoma for just a few weeks, and it is quite high, and when I move about, the skin from which it hangs gets sore. I put on Calamine lotion and that helps. I am considering buying a belt, one of those with a velcro fastening to see if that will hold the appliance closer to the body and help support it. Has anyone a similar problem, and maybe can suggest a solution please?

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    I no longer have a stoma but when I did I didn’t like to feel it just hanging off my tummy. During the day I used to wear ‘big knickers’ which helped to support it and I also used to wear a little strappy camisole top under my clothes too. At nighttime I used to sleep on my side but put a folded up towel under my bag. 

    A soft belt would be an option but be careful that it isn’t too tight or it will stop your output going down into the bag and then you will get sore skin and possible leakage.

    Have you looked at any of the underwear available on the vanilla blush website? The underwear has a little pocket that your bag sits in and you can get 6 garments a year on prescription?

    Hope this helps


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    I have an ileostomy and I find emptying it loads during the day so it never gets to full and heavy helps with that pulling feeling, oh and also wearing big knickers like Karen says holds it quite close to the body.

    I have to say I am coping with it but I absolutely hate it and cannot wait for my reversal.

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    you can get support belts on the NHS prescription  I was told I could order 3. So I ordered 2 for every day an 1 for swimming , the everyday ones have a Velcro fastening and helps to prevent a hernia  so would recommend 

    Hope this helps Love Peacock62 xxx 

  • Thankyou so much, Peacock62. I was wondering about these, but didn't know I could have them on prescription. I will phone my hospital stoma nurse on Monday. Take care. 

  • Hello Karen. Thank you so much for your advice. What beautiful underwear on that site! It is lovely and so reassuring to see that these kind of things are available and help restore your self confidence, so I appreciate the link.  I shall phone my stoma nurse on Monday about the prescription entitlement. They haven't told me about the things I could get, only the bags. Take care.

  • The same here, Phoebe. I don't think I will ever get used to it either! I should have a reversal in about 3 months hopefully. When is yours?  Thank you for your response though. Funnily enough, I had just ordered some briefs thinking at least they will go below the stoma! They will come in eventually, but now I see the commonsense in big knickers! I will order some of those now! Take care. 

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    I echo the earlier comments. Knickers by Vanilla Blush are very helpful, as they have a pouch in which the bag sits - it provides support for the bag, very comfy.

    I go for the plain 'school knicker' type, but they have loads of designs for women and men.

    All the best

  • Thankyou, Silver Birch. Will check it out. Best wishes to you too 

  • Hi Tipey, 

    Have you tried the belt that attaches to you stoma bag? It helps keep the bag from sagging down. They are like a long piece of adjustable elastic with hooks that clip onto the flange of your bag. You can order them with your stoma bags. My stoma nurse in the hospital gave me some with the wash bag full of stuff.


  • Hello Ann, Thankyou for your kind advice. I was wondering about a belt. My storma nurse isn't very forthcoming with equipment unfortunately. I will see if I can buy one.