Dining with an Ostomate - "What I didn't find was any decent recipes for tasty meals to cook from scratch."

Hi everyone, 

I hope you don't mind me positing in here, but I wanted to share a Community News piece that might be of interest to any Ostomates out there.

Debbie, known to the Community as Jersey Lily, is an Ostomate. She’s also a real ‘foodie’, so off the back of a temporary ileostomy earlier this year, she found it difficult to find tasty and suitable recipes anywhere. Debbie though powered through an adapted a few of her favorite recipes, and discovered new ones suitable for an Ostmate.

This week Debbie’s shared with us a recipe for a fresh and health ‘Super Green Soup’, packed full of green goodness – and she's also shared a little more about her story.

You can find the piece here - enjoy!


Community Team