Sore stoma

Hello all,

The skin around my stoma is red and raw. It is also sore.

Please can anyone suggest what to use? I  have a little bit of face cream (which I won't put on my face anymore) and I tried camomile lotion and both of these haven't worked.

Thank you,

Lisa xxx 

  • Hello Avril, I haven’t persude insurance, staying in UK, but replied to get your message bumped up. Also maybe use the search section and see the experiences of other folk here. Hope all goes well for you. xx

  • for sore skin use egg white why don't you dispose of the bag in waste bins outside

  • cream powders are no good the bags wont stick try egg white

  • I had skin so bad I had ulcers on my skin stoma nursers had to remove them with caustic sticks

  • The ulcers you are referring to are called Granulomas which are small, red, raised areas on or around the stoma. They develop as a result of over-healing of damaged skin on the stoma surface, possibly due to friction from the bag. Some, but not all, stoma granulomas can cause bleeding and discomfort. If they are large they may prevent pouch adhesion which may result in leakage problems.

    They are very common and appear as fleshy lumps like tiny beads of varying sizes. They occur on the surface of the stoma or more commonly at the joint between the bowel (stoma) and the peristomal skin. 

    Granulomas can be caused due to inflammation, infection or faecal irritation from the stomal output.

    Irritation from the ostomy appliance can also be a common cause.

    It is important to consult 

    a stoma care nurse about a

    granuloma as soon as you notice them  to seek a review as soon as you notice the granuloma. This is so that a stoma nurse can correctly identify the lesion as a granuloma and eliminate other medical conditions this will also allow treatment to remove the granulomas to be started early to try to prevent pouch adhesion problems.

    The stoma care nurse will treat the granulomas by 

    ❖ Checking if the flange is rubbing against the stoma and if necessary creating a new template which can be used to ensure that the hole in the appliance is cut to the correct size.

    ❖ The use of Orabase protective paste. (See below)

    ❖ The use of 75% Silver Nitrate to ‘burn’off the granulomas..

    ❖ Application of liquid nitrogen.

    Not everyone gets granulomas but those who do may find that they return, it is imperative to ensure that good stoma care management is practiced at all times with regard to cleaning of the peristomal and surrounding skin and the fitting of pouches.

     Convatec Orabase protective paste. S103 is available on GP prescription or can be purchased independently as it is very cheap

    It can assist the healing and prevention of damage to the peristomal skin by the absorption of moisture and protection from further damage. It should not sting as it is non alcoholic based.



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  • salts make stoma collars but do not make them to size of my stoma which is 70mm

  • Dear Lisa. You might find the responses to Tipey helpful also...

    Every blessing