Ileostomy or colostomy best?

Does anyone have experience of both ileostomy and colostomy and which would they choose to have if given the choice? 

  • Have you been given a choice?I think most people dont get a choice as it depends on where the cancer is and how much colon needs removing for a good outcome 

    Im sure someone will be along who has experiance of both

    Personally I have an iliostomy .as you can see if you click on my name for my bio,I have no problems with it.

    All the best with whichever you and your consultant  choose


  • Thanks Kath. I could potentially have a choice  of a remodelled ileostomy or a colostomy instead so would like to be able to make an informed decision.

  • Hi Catgirl2

    i wasn’t given a choice as my cancer was rectal. My surgeon thought I was worth a chance of temporary ileostomy. Now I’m again given choice of reversal at some point as the cancer was four inches and low. So I’m a candidate for LARS.  I’m on the list for a reversal and if I can’t manage they’ve said I can have a permanent colostomy. The idea of a bag was scary but Im living life better than I was before with the cancer.  
    Im not sure where you have the cancer.  
    An Ileostomy is your food comes out quicker and to start you have to be careful but now i am absolutely fine. I know what’s good. I’ve traveled to Spain and eaten out every night. 
    The only thing I really miss is sweetcorn! 
    But most don’t .

    Why has he given you the choice  I think that’s what I would ask.  What’s he’s train of thought?

    I think then you’d have an inkling of why he’s put in your court.

    I hope my thoughts help 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann