Ileostomy and food.

Hi, I've just joined the group almost a year after my bowel tumour was removed and my stoma came to live with me. 

Since then I have pondered how much of my previous diet I  can return to?

I avoid things like tomato, onions ,beans, fruit, lettuce and peas etc totally but wonder if I am being a bit paranoid about it?

Any shared experience would be helpful. 

  • i think it depends on iliostomy or colostomy..mine is an iliostomy.Im fine with peas beans etc.I tend to stay away from tomato and fruit skins and lettuce.Im also fine with well chewed peanuts

    I tend to do the old try a bit and see how it goes

    All the best


  • Many thanks, I've seen lots of posts on different sites saying stay away from.peas and beans. I might well give my ileostomy a treat with some peas and beans at different times and see how it goes. 

  • I havent tried the dreaded sweetcorn.and even well chewed mushrooms seem to looķ the same on their exitJoyJoykath

  • I have been OK with well chopped mushrooms Mushroom

    Haven't even considered sweetcorn though I do like it.

  • I do actually eat mushrooms,just dont think they get digested at all.

    Also I can drink a lager or red wine or g and t but 2 large red wines causes looseness.I think you just have to play around and see what works for you personally.some people on here seem to have to stick to a very limited bland diet.I think I must be lucky(it was an 8 hour operation but with a good result)


  • Red wine has the same effect for me. As you say it's a bit of trial and error. I've been a bit reluctant to experiment, maybe need to push the boat very gently.

  • Hi SGB

    I'm about the same stage as you.  Ileostomy carried out in June 2021.

    I eat and drink everything that I did before. All fruits, veg, nuts in moderation, curries, red wine, fizzy drinks - give them a good stir then leave to stand for a bit. I also peel apples - just as a precaution.  A retired nurse told me to only introduce one new thing at a time, an egg cupful at a time, and chew, chew chew.  It was good advice as I was so fed up with the bland diet.  The one thing that I find does upset my output a bit is eggs.  It's ok if I have them in the morning but a bit hit or a miss later in the day.

    I would say, try a little of what you fancy and see how it goes.

  • Thanks BlueBlue, seen a few comments to that effect elsewhere. The eggcup idea is one I'm going to try. 

    Have been craving a curry for almost a year and that's given me a bit more confidence to try a little. 

  • If its any help re curry and chilli.I couldnt eat them for 30yrs due to having colitis.guess what since my cancer and stoma I can eat them with no bother.isnt life weird


  • Sure is Katz51