120,000 ostomates in the uk

Just read that fact.so anyone new to having a stoma really has nothing to worry about if they are worried about other people being able to tell they wear a bag.

Play the guessing game when out and about and I reckon you cant guess who wears a stoma bag.

Personaly Im not ashamed of my bag  and tell friends about it.but if you dont want to then no one will ever know

Just a thought for the newbies on here who are worried.


  • Thanks Katz

    This is a lovely positive post, I know I had a mountain to climb with my acceptance of my ileostomy the only positive thought for me was I was getting that horrible cancer out.  Until I found this group I did feel uncomfortable about going out, anxious about meeting people and embarrassed about the bag.

    This group has helped me so much in the managing of some issues I’ve had but even more than that it’s the confidence I’ve gained here.

    I hope others find it quickly , I was a late joiner. My stoma may be permanent even though it’ll be on the other side, I’ve been offered a colostomy if the reversal isn’t a possibility which may mean less emptying.

    Whatever the future holds the bag isn’t stopping me living a full life. To be honest Covids more restrictive than my stoma. 
    Like you I am not ashamed of my Whoopi, she’s a little life saver and I feel physically so much better without the continual pressure of needing the toilet because of the tumour that’s in the bin. Thank goodness 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann