What are the best parts of been a stoma mate

Well just got my operation done. 

Still not feeling the pink cloud of having a stoma bag currently is very liquid and really have been through some really scary and in a way funny scenarios

Wondering how log did it take till the whole thing settle up. 

I had a cancer which end it up in a stoma starting chemo next week but to be honest I feel probably more ill now than ever before with these bags.

My output is very liquid as I also had a stomach bypass so it has become a nightmare when. The bag fills in less than a 2 seconds. 

Oh well just want to hear some stories etc any tips and advice.  One things is for sure without the bag I would be dead.   So that alone is a huge motivator. 

How is your early days story my stoma is called Alfredo. 


  • Welcome Madmax and Alfredo

    I had an ileostomy LAR August and I am now eating well and even sleeping a good six hours. 
    If you have an ileostomy they do require more emptying mines two - three hours during the day now however it did take a while to settle  

    Food thickens it when you are able to add more variety. 
    What operation did you have and how long ago?  
    Keep chatting 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann 

  • Hi Mad max and the one and only Alfredo...I had The Twins Boris and Nicola..Many a time they had a right telling off but I was proud of them 

    You will get use to working with them and taking care of Alfredo. Try having a few  Jelly Babies and Marshmallows as they help to thicken things ( not to many) .White food and children are easy to digest Be prepared to lose weight but you will put it back on.

    You have to take it easy on your self and remember that you have had a life saving operation. This is a wonderful site for you all the help you need and your never alone.Have a look at my profile .

    Kissing heartAlaine

  • hi MadMax and Alfredo  - things can be very up and down in the beginning. You'll gradually get to know what Alfredo likes and doesn't like and needs time to settle down. I would say take each day as it comes. This is such a good site for tips, tales and info. Wishing you all the best with your forthcomng Chemo.

    "don't think about tomorrow"