2 Piece Stoma Pouch

I have a colostomy and permanent stoma and have been using a convex 1 piece Welland closed pouch for a number of years. My stoma is partially recessed. I haven't really had any issues with using this pouch.

I received a mail shot from Convatec mentioning a 2 piece pouch. They have just sent me a sample which I intend to try. They suggest that it has convex properties.

Does anyone have any thoughts of possible advantages or disadvantages in using a 2 piece pouch over a 1 piece pouch? Any particular supplier?

I had my operation 5 years ago and was issued with the 'standard' pouch by the NHS. Since then I've tried a number of alternatives.

Many Thanks


  • hi MRJ, I have a colonostomy and have used a two piece poncho (that should read pouch!) for the past five years.Mine is also partially recessed. I find my stoma and surrounding area of skin doesn't get sore or bleeding eith the convex pouches. My suppliers are Securicare ( the best company I have ever used).

    "don't think about tomorrow"

  • Thanks Kath, My supplier is also Securicare and I agree with you. Is your pouch manufacturer Welland?


  • hi MRJ my pouch manufacturer is Dansac and Dansac Novo for the attachment. Securicare always advise me of any new stoma products that come on the market and send me samples to try out. I really rate their pants - they are supporting without being restrictive. I get six free pairs a year and they really give me confidence.

    "don't think about tomorrow"