Tips please on Attaching Bag so no Leaks

Help please. It’s driving me nuts I cannot seem to attach my bag tightly to the edge of my Stoma which then pancakes or leaks around under the bag and burns my skin.

After a serious burn I changed it daily to bathe and calamine, barrier spray or Eakin slim. I don’t use anything but water to cleanse

This is not ideal as I’m wasting my equipment but needs must. 

Could it be too many Christmas treats. I do seem to have a little too much tummy weight at the moment?

Or is it just me doing something wrong?

My provider recommended trying a different type of bag to be honest they looked exactly the same until I tried removing them. They stuck fast and broke up making changing a challenge  I’ve got some samples for sensitive skin from my nurse but had the same issue, they pancaked.   

Maybe my Stoma shrinks back as I move about?
She’s quite proud when I clean her

My Stoma nurses aren’t available at the moment and I hoped that someone could just say how they have overcome this annoying problem. 

  • Do you use a convex bag? You seem to be doing all the recommended things.I hope that someone has the answer as it must be sooo annoying.does the cut hole need adjusting?


  • Thanks Kath 

    Yes I use the convex bags and I’ve tested the hole by using the seal to check on my stoma. To me it looks okay. I think I need to see the Nurses in the new year. I thought I was doing everything right. It’s just so annoying. I haven’t had this before so maybe it’s eating too many treats. Oh and I also wondered about my winter snug fitting clothing as in the summer my shift dresses were loose fitting. That may be causing pressure. 
    Think I’ll keep to changing daily to make sure I don’t get sore until I can see the nurses. 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann 

  • Fingers crossed the stoma nurses can find a solution for you then you can get on with life without having to worry.

    I wear sloggi "big knickers" and my jeans waistband fits over the top of the its quite snug but doesnt cut across the bag at all.

    Fingers crossedFingers crossedFingers crossedFingers crossedfor you


  • I have Big Knickers M&S   My jeans are snug around waist but I’ve lost weight have long chicken legs now. Ha ha And bum disappeared. 
    I’m not painting a very attractive image though. It may be my waistline my pouch is high.

    Im going away to Tortworth Court today. Present from our daughter. . 
    I really hope Whoopi behaves self. She can be very attention seeking. I have lots supplies and enough clothes for week. 

    Thanks Kath . 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann 

  • Do you use Orahesive powder?I do after cleaning with warm water and drying.only a little or it stops the bag from sticking.

    Have a lovely time away


  • I had a similar problem, which took me a while to sort out. I eventually looked at myself in the mirror, and realised the profile of the skin around the stoma had changed, and was anything but flat. The high part was lifting the bag away from the lower areas  

    I sorted it by cutting the Eakin slim so I didn’t use it on the highest part around the stoma, and used the cut piece to increase the height of the lowest bit, which improved the seal. 

    Hope that makes sense, and you find a solution soon  

  • Hi Artsie

    the best thing I have found to help with sticking is a product called Independence Fusion which is a combined barrier and adhesive. They are like little lollipop sticks and on every change after you are clean and dry, you wipe around the stoma with this where the bag will go. They were a complete game changer for me.  I use an adhesive remover spray to help with getting the bags off-I’ve tried several different brands and all are equally effective in my opinion-a few squirts and the bag just lifts away without pulling the skin. x

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  • I had this problem for ages and it really got me down.  Eventually I was supplied with a convex bag which was a huge improvement but I was still getting an occasional leak which I just couldn't seem to resolve.  I read tips on a forum (not sure if it was this one) where the lady said that she warmed the pouch, wrapped in a towel, on a radiator before applying it and then held her hand over it, applying pressure, for a good 60 seconds.  I tried that and haven't had a single problem since (fingers crossed). I cut my own pouches as I find I can get a better fit rather than using a pre-cut one, and I don't use a seal.  It's a Pelican pouch with added vitamin E as I'm allergic to some of the other brands.

    During the summer when I was having a problem with the earlier pouches sticking the stoma nurse said that she knew some folks used a non-scented roll-on deodorant to help pouches stick.  I didn't try that though - because of the allergies.

    I hope that you can find a solution that works (and that you have a lovely break without having to worry about it).

    Take care x

  • hi Frances

    I think mines lopsided. I will need to check this out. I’m away at the moment. My eyesight’s not great and I do struggle to apply perfectly. The nurses could check for me.

    Thanks for that. 
    mice stopped using Eakins as I had leaks. I will try doing as you advice 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann 

  • Hi BlueBlue

    Great tips. Many thanks.

    I knew you guys would have had the experience. Just to know I’m not alone in this is a comfort. I’m in a very Grand Hotel and should be relaxing but in the back of my mind is. Is it stuck?
    It’s so annoying I thought I had it sorted

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann