life after ileostomy reversal


i just thought i would come on here with how recently things have improved , i had my reversal in November 2019 and have had a tough time with control and the amount of times i empty my bowels , being diagnosed with LARS which is common in people who have had their rectum removed i would go 20 times a day which made me very sore with a burning sensation , but after having a colonoscopy February which was all clear i saw one of my surgeon team, she suggested that i listen to a pod cast by Ana Wilson from St Marks about LARS , i now take fybogel after breakfast and dinner and 2 loperamide 20 minutes before dinner, things have improved and i have my life back , i also add chia seeds to my porridge , my bowel movements are down to 3 or 4 times a day my clustering has stopped and my soreness has gone, i can eat what i like with in reason and have started back on the running machine to lose weight , so anyone out there that has been thorough the same thing and is struggling its well worth giving this a go 

  • That’s great news and thanks for sharing. A lot of people aren’t aware of LARS (Low Anterior Resection Syndrome) but it sounds like you’ve found a balance that suits you which is fab.

    Onwards and upwards and good luck with the running

    Take care

    Karen x