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newly diagnosed

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Hello, im new to the site, i found out on monday that i have grade 2 breast cancer. im being operated on the 18th dec. im only 31... WHY ME? im so frightened, worried and scared. my family have been great, but you know sometime its so nice to open up to strangers, my kids are great, but no one understands how im feeling from the inside, i just wanna scream, but i cant. im going to be very positive throughout this and i know im going to win this battle iv got ahead of me. iv got a big mountain to climb, but with all my family behind me and hopefully the friends i will make on this site i will win.
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hi shazella

I'm sure everyone on the forum will want to wish you the best of luck on the 18th.

Yes, this is all seems so bloody unfair, but it sounds like your medical team are acting fast....which is good news.

Half of the battle is how you react to all this and it seems to me that you are a fighter and because you are so young i think your rate of recovery will be quick.

Whenever you need a rant or have any questions about your treatment, you can come here and talk to us. The people here have so much knowledge, empathy and courage.

All the best


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Hi shaz

Iv just been recently diagnosed with bowel cancer

Im 31 also, to young for all this by far! and i know the fears you are going through you are not alone in this fight you can and will beat cancer!

i know it seems like you are alone thats how i feel somtimes and when people keep saying stay positive youll be ok it seems a little hollow ,you just want to scream how the hell do you know! but hay there right the love and support of your loved ones can do wonders for you if this has shown me anything its how much my friends and family care for me and just how strong i can be im sure its the same for you

anyway take care and all the best


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Hi Tony and Shazella,

I just want you both to know I am thinking of you of you both. You are too young to have to deal with this but at least you have strong bodies and minds and will be able to put all your energy into fighting this thing. Take care of yourselves and we are here for you anytime you need us.

All my love
Amanda xx

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I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer today at 38. I’m feeling similar to yourself. It’s not fair and my kids don’t deserve this. I’m in shock and feel so anxious. Hope we can support each other. Xx