Do you have someone with Parkinson’s.? As well as dealing with cancer

Do you or anyone in your life suffer from Parkinson’s? Please reply.

  • Hi , I’m sorry your post has gone so long without an answer. My Dad had Parkinson’s diagnosed in his 60’s years and he passed away nearly 20 years ago aged 80. As none of my immediate family had cancer it was one of the illnesses that was in the back of my mind, wondering if I should get Parkinson’s as a I got older. I haven’t had to cope with looking after someone with Parkinsons while having a cancer diagnosis myself though. My cancer diagnosis came 3 months after my mother passed away aged 93, with my grandparents living into their 80’s cancer wasn’t on my radar at all at 56 when I had my diagnosis. 

    I can see that your Mum has Parkinson’s and it must be on your mind, how is she doing at the moment? And how are you ? 

  • That seems like a lot to deal with when your own health is something to look after to. My mum used to come out with that phrase every now and then when she felt low, it’s not easy deciding how to deal with hearing that. Wether to to sympathise or ignore but either way try and find a positive to think about. But from your signature it seems your an old hand at thinking positively. It slips a bit sometimes doesn’t it until we can get our positive head back on.