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Ultrasound Results

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Hi all, just was wondering if I am reading too much into the following situation as am slightly freaking out. 

I has an ultrasound on Friday where the Radiologist said that I had a bright liver (she said probably "fatty liver" from the medication I am on) and spleen which was on the edge side of being enlarged. But said she wasn't concerned and "nothing jumped out at her" when I left. 

Now as I said I hope I'm not reading into things too much but I missed a call from a mobile number on Wednesday, when I returned the call it went to answer machine and turned out to be a Palliative Nurse at the UCLH. When I did get a hold of her, she assured me that she had dialled my number by mistake and for some reason my number was in her mobile. Could this just be a cruel coincidence? Would my GP not call me in to chat about results? I live in Poole and UCLH is in London. 

Thanks, any reassurance would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello I think it's a really mistake.You need to be referred to the palliative team after discussion and with your consent.

I hope it helped.

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Hi Janet,

I did think it had to be referred, but very scary none the less. Thank you,  this has definitely helped.