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Freaking out!

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So, firstly, a little bit about my situation. I’m 35 next week and I am currently waiting on an appointment at the Breast clinic (urgent referral). 

Around the end of March I noticed a very small lump under my armpit. Not thinking anything of it as it wasn’t bothering me I left it. Come any it hasn’t gone so I visited my GP and was given antibiotics and told not to worry. Obviously these didn’t work but with no change to the lump I left it again. Well last week I noticed it looked a little bigger so went back to the GP who has now referred me. 

I’m a single mum to a four year old, work full time and  struggling with coping (even before a diagnosis). I’ve googled ad know I shouldn’t but couldn’t help it. I can’t feel any lumps in my breast but have been checking constantly daily. 

Other symptoms seem to have cropped up:

Some pain in my breast, back and arm and last night I got this awful feeling in the back of my throat. Like something was stuck and it’s still there now. So now I’ve got my mind running away thinking if it’s not breast cancer then maybe it’s in my throat, lungs etc. 

I know I’ve no choice other than to wait for an appointment but how did everyone cope? Are these symptoms maybe linked to something else or in my head? 

Thanks for listening xx

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Hi I'm the same! well sort of. I got a recall after a routine mammogram my first one. Thought it would be about an old cyst just sat there for years. Wrong. Instead i find myself hearing the words mass,  biopsies, cancer, breast cancer nurse... no lumps nothing i even knew about. 5 biopsies were taken there and then and am now waiting for a phone call with an appointment to find out from the breast cancer surgeon what exactly the cancer is and the treatment. A week to ten days is the wait time. In the meantime every cough, ache, niggle in fact anything is suddenly now questionable in my head that its all cancer. Along with the long sleepless nights with what i think are mild panic attacks. You're at the same un knowing stage as me and its so so scary. I totally get how you're feeling.

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Hi LizzieGP, thank you for your reply and so sorry your going through this too! 

It really is so hard, particularly when I’ve no idea what I’m looking at or facing. I lost my mum to lung cancer three years ago and the thought of going through what she did, or having to put my family through it and leaving my little girl, words can’t describe. I’m terrified!

Work have been great, telling me worry can cause the limp feeling in my throat etc but words can only calm me for so long before breaking down again. 

I hope whatever your results are, that they’re the best they can be.