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Surviving 2 different cancers

Cream legbar
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2 yrs ago my wife was diagnosed with cns lymphoma. Received matrix chemotherapy and stem cell transplant and was doing well. About 6 wks ago diagnosed with breast cancer and starts chemo tomorrow. She is worried that she cant survive 2 different cancers  in a relatively short time period.  I have assured her we can beat this again but can anyone please provide examples of this to reassure her.

Many thanks

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Hi Cream legbar, I wanted to say good luck with your wife starting chemo today. I haven’t got experience of two different cancer types, but I have got experience of having to restart treatment for the same cancer metastatic melanoma having been radiologically clear and on no treatment for a year. It felt hard at the start of the second time as you seem to have to cope with the diagnosis at the same time as reliving the last one. I am glad you have the we can beat this again attitude to help her, and I’m sorry I can’t quote a good example to her,  but I’m sure there will be other ladies or gents in the breast group (a very active group) who might be able to give you a hand with examples. For me I’m no measurable disease on my scans again, and it feels so good to have got here twice, so I am wishing the same for your wife, and hoping that she can remember her fighting spirit from last time.

best wishes


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Just want to say good luck with treatments.

my sister in law has had cancer twice before  and is has been having treatment for the last  10 years as it has spread to other areas . 

She is such an amazing women so positive, even when some  doctors see her they can't believe she is a going through so much .We call her Tigger as she just bounces from one thing to another . She just lives her life as best she can when she can and on the days (rare) she doesn't feel like she accepts that's what she needs in order to get strong again to continue do everything she wants . 

Her attitude has got her through so far & can't see that changing

.stay as strong and positive as you can ,

plenty of stories of encouragement on here

hugs all round  x 

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In late 2016 I was diagnosed with two different cancers at the same time. Breast cancer was obvious, and CT scan showed something in my left lower lung, turned out to be small cell lung cancer. Luckily tiny.A nd luckily found then. It was contained by a lobectomy of my left lower lung. As my margins and sentinel lymph node after mastectomy were clear I decided against chemotherapy, and the breast cancer returned earlier this year in three lumph nodes. So I just started chemo for this today. And can be optimistic that I survive this.

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Hi all,

I'm a bit late to this discussion - but just starting to come through the other side of my second battle with cancer and thought I'd share to see if I can help,

I had primary bone cancer 4 years and underwent a couple of fairly major surgeries to deal with that and I'd pretty much got my life back on track following that (I was lucky that it was found early so didn't need any other treatment apart from the surgeries).

Then 2 months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine mammogram - I'm due to start my radiotherapy next week for that.

Both cancers were found by accident really - I did have some pain from the bone cancer but there were no obvious symptoms that it was anything 'sinister' - so feel very fortunate that they were found early,

So physically, yes you can beat 2 different cancer - I am struggling mentally though as I do worry about what else is lurking ready to pop up.

Hope you're wife has started to come through the other side.