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Second opinions

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hi all

just wondered how many of you seeked second opinions, and did they differ from the original treatment plan?

Anyone compare private va nhs?



Trying to stay positive...
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Hi , I wondered if you had seen the Macmillan information, I’m putting the link in below.


It goes through why people might want one, the advantages and disadvantages, how to get a second opinion (NHS and private), preparing for a second opinion, and what to do if you have difficulties. 

Just before my surgery I was still unsure about wether that was the best option for me as surgery had previously been ruled out. I had faith in my hospital team as one of the consultants sits on the NICE panel, but due to many reasons I felt my options weren’t being fully explained to me. I didn’t ask for a second opinion but I spoke to my Cancer Nurse Specialist who had sat in on the multidisciplinary team meeting and voiced my concerns to her, she was excellent in talking to the surgeon on my behalf and the oncology consultant. 

I don’t know why your wanting a second opinion but your profile mentions lung cancer so I thought you might want the link for NICE, as the medics can only work with those guidelines.


I’m not a medic just a metastatic melanoma patient. I hope you sort your way out soon.


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Hi I was told this Monday my "cured"breast cancer from 2 years ago now apparently spread to my lungs,liver and kidney.Well I wouldn't believe it I have no problems,no weight loss or sickness.The Oncologist said she can't help me anymore.So I called my friend in Germany,Thursday I have landed in Munich and had more tests and guess.I have no spread in my liver,kidney or in my breast.I am just waiting my lung biopsy be done and even if it's cancer I will ask opinion for treatment in Germany.

I am only 42 and and how dare is the Oncologist to say she can't help?Even the tests were wrong.

So please if you feels so get a second opinion or get more tests done.I have lost my trust to my oncology team.