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Macmillan Nurse ?

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Please can someone tell me how long does it take to get a Macmillan Nurse ?  My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in February. HE started chemo, then became ill with infections so missed several weeks and has just started again. He has lost his appetite and his interest in life. He is n bed 22 hours a day getting up just for the toilet and  drink, and 2 hours mid morning for weetabix. Lately he won't even stay up for visitors. He says he is comfy in bed, and he sleeps, I feel like he has given up but he says he hasn't. I don't know what to do. I asked his GP for anti depressants, he prescribed morphine. I asked for a referral for a Macmillan nurse several weeks ago - he forgot to do it as he was busy with the CQC. I spoke to Macmillan and was told to chase up the GP - I've done that twice. District nurses only come to take blood for chemp and tell him to drink more. I feel like we have been abandoned

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Hi and welcome to the online community but sorry to read of the circumstances that you brought you to us and I'm glad you reached out and I'll try and give you some advice.

This is a copy taken from the information page on Macmillan nurses 

  • You'll need to be referred by your GP, your hospital consultant, a district nurse or a hospital ward sister. Don't hesitate to ask them if there are Macmillan nurses available in your area. 
  • Macmillan nurses work throughout the country, but if there isn't a Macmillan service in your local area, you can be referred to alternative specialist services. 

Bluebellwoods, you will see that although your GP has overall responsibility for the care of your husband you can ask other health professionals for a referral as I understand it from reading the above the district nurse can make the referral as can your husband's hospital consultant.

If you feel that you "have been abandoned" by your usual GP you should phone the surgery and find out if he is your husband's designated doctor, you can also ask another doctor at the practice to have a look at your husband's notes and hopefully make the referral but until the referral is actually made the Macmillan wheels can't be put into motion.

I'm sorry this not the answer you were looking for but I can direct you to our telephone support team who maybe able to give you some more information the team members are all very friendly and will listen to everything you say and try and help you find a solution to this, they can be contacted every day of the week between 8 am and 8 pm and the freephone number to call is

0808 808 0000

I would urge you to make the call the team might be able to advise on any other concerns or worries that you have.


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Thank you. The referral has been done and I have a number to call this morning