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4 week wait for my mammogram results

Storm in a teacup
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Hello, i had a very small lump 3 years ago, which was treated successfully, no complications at all.

So now I get a mammogram every year. The results letter usually comes back quite quickly. When I was there at the clinic the radiographer said to me I should get my results in about 2 weeks.

I rang the clinic last Friday, after 3 weeks. 

I was told 'the second doctor hasn't looked at the scan yet, but he should be looking at it today'. So I left it at that. I appreciate she couldn't tell me anything over the phone. But that was last Friday, a week ago, and I still haven't received a letter. I don't want to ring again. I expect they are very busy. 

Now I am not one to worry, but this is purgatory. 

4 weeks to wait for a results is just cruel. 

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Hi Storminateacup welcome to he forum and sorry to hear how worried that you are.

Whilst it is purgatory for us, the wait,  the time-frame you are suggesting is not unreasonable unfortunately. I had my mammogram in February and was told it would be back in 6 weeks.

That said I had the thought in my mind that no news was good news as when I was picked up I got a letter a week later.

Its awful the waiting but hey I hope you have a bottle of Champagne on ice ready to celebrate the relief you will feel when this comes back and hopefully wont be too much longer now.

Sending some re-assuring hugs your way for now. xxx