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The painin my back and chest seemworse since starting chemo!!

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Hi there all those touched by osophageal cancer.

Just wondering whether other people experience  quite severe pain in their back and at times in their chest. I am on my second chemo - half way through before getting op. Realising that the op does not always provide the answer , having read some posts - everything crossed and trying to keep strong! My love to all of you brave and courageous people out there dealing with the same - keep strong - love to all  Ros

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Hi Ros, sorry to hear you are having a hard time on chemo, I don't have oesophageal cancer but have had extensive chemotherapy for leukemia and I found fellow patients all had different experiences to me during treatment, have you brought these symptoms to the attention of your clinic, never soldier on when you feel like this, they would want you to tell them.

how are you coping with your diagnosis? Have you got enough support, I've finished treatment and am in remission and almost recovered, it's a hard time when your in the middle of it all but there is light at th end of the tunnel, so hang on in there. 

Best wishes 


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