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Helping a friend

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Hiya I need some help,

My best friend has been clear of cancer for over three years now but shes struggling massively with the mental side of recovery. She declined some support after treatment but at uni shes struggling and I was wondering how to help in anyway as i haven't experienced the same things as her.

Please help x

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Hi Laura

Welcome to the online community and must say it's a wonderful thing you are doing in being a good supportive friend. It is always difficult knowing exactly what to do and say in these situations but it's nice to know that you are willing to go that extra mile to help your friend and have asked for our help so let me see if I can help you in some way.

Firstly we have a Family and friends group that might be of interest to you and speaking to the members over there, you can ask any questions you have to them no matter how small.

I also note (from another post) that you live in Nottingham and you and friend may like to pop into the Maggies Centre at the following address

Maggie's Nottingham

City Hospital Campus NG5 1PH

Tel: 0115 924 6210

They are very good at giving out very helpful support and although your friend declined support previously knowing that you are willing to attend meetings or be there when she speaks to the very nice people might be the incentive she needs to get some help and support.

You are more than welcome to come back on here at anytime to ask us questions about anything and we will answer you.

We also have a Life after cancer Group that might be of interest to you

I wish you well and hope that between us we can find the answers you are looking for to help your friend.

If I can be of any further help my name is Ian and you can contact me by typing the following

@Bodach when you see a little blue box appear click on it and this will change to a blue highlighted box and when you post your message it will appear as  and I will be sent an alert that you have sent me a message.



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