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An organiser and an app to help in your journey

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Hi all

I thought you might be interested in the following.

Macmillan Organiser
The Macmillan Organiser is a handy, portable tool that's a lot like a personal organiser. It's also a useful source of support that's always at your fingertips.
It helps you keep track of things such as your symptoms, your food intake, your appointments, your medication and much more besides. It also suggests questions to ask your doctor.
To order your own free Macmillan Organiser, just click on the green text below.

Order your copy here

Or from here be.macmillan  you can also obtain other information as well

You'll need to login with your email address and your password before you can start to order

If you're not a luddite there's always the Macmillan organiser app from the Google play store or the apple store that you can add to your smartphone

My Organiser is the first planning tool that’s been designed exclusively to help people living with cancer take back control of their lives. It notifies you when appointments are coming up and links you to information and support to help you through your cancer journey.

Record appointments, contacts and medication information in this easy to use planner, that also offers useful tips and cancer information.

- Appointment planner
- Appointment related advice
- Medication organiser
- Appointment and medication reminders
- Contact list

I hope that the above is of intetest


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