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sentimental present for my terminal father

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my father has terminal cancer and is coming to the end of stage 4. My dad lives on his own and only really has me and his sisters are family. I want to make Christmas special for him, but I’m not sure what to get him as a Christmas gift. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

thank you!

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Hi Nokie welcome to the forum. I am so very sorry to hear about how things are for you at  your end.

Maybe your Dad doesn't need a present as such but just some  time with him may the greatest gift of all for him knowing that he is very loved and cherished and no amount of money can buy that..

Wishing you a peaceful Xmas period and hopefully some others may pop in with their suggestions as well.

Sending  some huge big hugs for now.xxxx 

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I agree that time is the most precious gift for both of you.

With that being said, without knowing too much about your father's condition and mobility, needs etc. how about a special day somewhere for the two of you, there a lots of website you can get special dinners or afternoon tea deals.

 If going out the house isn't an option you can get a meal for 2 delivered etc. If he likes flowers there are gifts you can buy where every week a new bunch of flowers arrives, I'm sure they can do the same thing with cheese and chocolates or something similar.

If you want something more physical then a photo collage or album of memories can be a nice idea for him to have by his side all the time.