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If you’d like to talk about something that isn’t covered in our other groups, come here to start a discussion or to see other conversations. Other people may be hoping to talk about the same thing.

Is there anybody out there

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Is this group up and running 

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Hi LordMick

I found you, but am usually on the carers or neuroendocrine group.

Not quite sure what the aim of this one is but happy to join and chat. Your name made me smile as my grandfather (long since departed) used to call himself Lord Tom of Tooting - he wasn't of course but it would make us laugh as kids.

Why do you find yourself here LordMick? 

I will walk miles now for cancer charities, so others can walk beside their loved ones for as long as possible. 

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No idea how i got here my friend. another senior moment. i have my own site on here called 'Laughter is the best Medicine' with is a no doom and gloom site. I started being Lord Mick for my Charity stuff which is Chancer Reseach. I have been on treatment for prostat cancer for over a decade thanks to my old school doctor and the fragrant nurses at my locat clinic who delight in injecting me with zoledax capsole every 12 weeks. My wife of 52 years did not survive bowel,lung and eye cancer. It was the lung cancer that got her 4 years ago now. After many succesful/unsuccesful meets of various dating sites i finally found my cougar at number 38 in the complex i live at 33. So im a toyboy now and i think by bucket list is fulfilled. i have time off for good behavier and play drums for a local community band.

So its been great chating to you.

Lord Mick of Wantage