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Brain tumour

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My Dad has suffered from lung cancer since March 2017. Recently we have been told he has also developed a brain tumour. What would you do if it was your dad? 

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Hi Rx7 welcome to the forum.

I am a bit unclear what ti is you are asking about and wondered if you felt able to expand a bit on your post to enable us to assist  and maybe direct you to sources of support.

Best wishesx

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Hi Rx7

My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumour August last year. He had symptoms quite some time before that.

It is small cell carcinoma, often linked to lung cancer I believe, but nothing found elsewhere. 

He had his brain tumour surgically removed. He then had carboplatin and etoposide chemo, also common in lung cancer I believe. Then targeted radiotherapy of his head.

In May we found it had spread to the meninges, making it incurable but not untreatable, so had 5 days radiotherapy, again targeted. The symptoms disappeared and we have been away and had some brief normality.

We are awaiting another MRI to decide if new symptoms are Malignant spinal cord compression or plain old sciatica. However, he is still doing some work. His steroids and pain meds have been increased until we know what we are dealing with. Usually further radiotherapy will be needed if it's more tumour issues. 

Last year my husband was like a zombie crossed with a 2 year old. Now he is talking, walking, working, albeit with less energy and more pain. Brain tumours can be treated, keep hope going, we are more than 12 months down the line and not planning on giving in yet!

I hope that helps? Tell us more about what is going on, and the replies can be more targetted.


I will walk miles now for cancer charities, so others can walk beside their loved ones for as long as possible.