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Bcell lymphoma

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Hi I have been diagnosed with bcell lymphoma  but because of the bank holiday weekend I will not be seeing anyone about this till tomorrow  anyone got any info or questions I should be asking please 

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Hi  I am Mike  and I am dropping in past from our Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Forum (link) and I just wanted to say Hi and welcome you to the Online Community but always sorry to see folks find us.

I have lived with a rare type of NHL for over 19 years so do understand the issues surrounding diagnosis and treatments. As to Questions you need to find out some specific information as with this you will be able to move on with your treatment and we can also help you out based on our expereances from our NHL journeys.

So some questions you need to get answers to:

What type of NHL do you have? - exact name and grade etc.
What are the proposed treatments Chemo, Radiotherapy...?
What are the actual names of any Chemo Regime?
How many cycles of Chemo and how long will each cycle last?
Does this require inpatient time (over night)
How many sessions of Radiotherapy and how long will all the treatments take?

We are always around over on the NHL forum so come over if you think we can help out.

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