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Hospital bed size

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My husband has been told today he has only a few weeks left and today we came to the decision for him to be cared for at home. The Macmillan team have been brilliant throughout with their support and today set the wheels in motion for him to be cared for at home. They have arranged for a hospital bed to be delivered and we intend to turn the dining room into a bedroom. Can anyone give me the approximate size of a hospital bed please? Is it longer than a single bed for example?

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Hi Smileallday 

sorry to hear you’ve reached this point. 

I didn’t know the answer but asked Dr Google and found this quoted on one site : 

Hospital beds for home, typically have an exterior measurement of 84" X 36" and take a mattress measuring 80" X 36"

Hopefully it’s accurate and would give you an idea. 



If you look hard enough, there’s something positive in every day.  

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Thank you for investigating the bed size. That is really helpful and means there is a lot of furniture to move out!! Thankfully all my family are on standby this weekend to help. Wish it was as easy to sort the emotions out.

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Hi there my grandad at the minute has a hospital at home but he doesn't seem comfortable in it. It just seems a little short for him is there just one size in the beds just he keeps sliding down the bed even when we have his legs lifted aswell