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Your adverts on classic FM about Macmillan and banks got me a bit annoyed, to say the least. Macmillan care about people whereas banks do not. Banks could not give a damn if your ill or not as long as they get their cash. The thing is: the banks don't tell you that there is no such thing as money. We stopped using money 8 decades ago and exchanged it for cash. Cash is a promise to pay. It says it on the note. Debts can not be paid with IOU's only discharged. When we used money the debt would be extinguished and that would be it. 

All cash is IOU's and that means you can write your own cash to pay for things:  This not counterfeit. Counterfeit is really copyright of the notes the banks use. Write your own cash for banks or council tax or fines, not shops as they are being screwed by the banks. 

All IOU's must be accepted as cash. Look up Lord Denning courts of appeal 1969.

You can also learn about ACCEPTED FOR VALUE. You can pay an electric or gas statement( it is not a bill as a bill must have a wet signature on it) you write your name across the bank giro at an angle also without fee or levi and your national insurance and send it back to the company that sent it.

There are lots of sites to look at and learn how to use a4v and how to issue IOU's. If the IOU's are rejected then the alleged debt is extinguished. Can the receiver of the note cash it in?? Well if they could then it would mean that everybody out there who has a wad of cash could take it to the bank and exchange it for gold. That is not going to happen anytime soon. 

The last group of people that should be put through any anguish are the people who are ill. They don't need it nor deserve it. I am just letting you know what is going on out there. That the cash system is a massive con and the banks are using debt to put the fear of God into people.  

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Hi Anonymous, sorry for the delay in getting back to you but welcome and thank you for your post.

I understand you observations and appreciate the frustrations behind them.

Banks and other institutions not giving a dam if someone has Cancer is partly true but at the same time I have to differ with you as my experience does not align with this. Yes debt is a debt and when we take out that debt we knowingly do so and yes our circumstances very often drive the unfortunate need to go into debt and this does require mediation with the debt providers.

My personal experience and that of a good number of people who I have supported through their own Cancer journey can testify to the opens of most financial providers, landlords, local authorities, employers, services providers.... as to their willingness to work with us in getting a way forward for those involved, not all, but most.

Having Cancer is not on our agendas or life plans so it great we have organisations like Macmillan and many others who champion the cause of those affected by Cancer by engaging and challenging the financial institutions, government departments, employers etc to look at how Cancer affects the person and their situation. It is important to take the stigma out of a Cancer diagnosis and this is one of the roles Macmillan do well.  

Should you want to discuss this subject any further I would recommend that you contact Macmillan using this link.

This Online Community is a support Community for those who are on their Cancer Journeys and not the best forum for you to highlight your very valid observations.

Thank you again.

Mike - living my new life and trying to make a difference

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