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Picc line clot experience

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I have just been diagnosed with a clot around my picc line. I am on anti coagulants now.

I'm a bit worried though how long does it take for soreness and other symptoms to start reducing and for the clot to dissolve?

If anyone has gone through a picc clot please share your experience particular on how long it took to get better.

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Hi Jack,

I'm sorry you didn't get a reply to your question above. Hopefully this post will bump it up and someone may be able to help.

I hope you're doing ok, but please remember you can always ask anything you like in the Testicular Cancer group, and I'm sure someone will help you out as best they can.

Take Care,



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Hi , sorry to hear the issue you are having with your PICC line.

I had my PICC in for 4 months and also had a few clots. I did find the coagulants worked quickly (hours) and any pain did subside as quick.

I have also had a few Hickman Lines and had the same issues but one did not clear up so the Hickman had to be taken out and replaced. 

If in any doubt contact your dedicated Chemo Contact number and talk to them.

All the best with your treatment.

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Hi Jack,

I'm in my last week of chemo cycle 5 of 6 for Hodgkin's treatment and have just had the same thing happen to me. 

There was a clot in my arm around the picc line so they took it out just a few days ago and put me on daily tinzaparin shots. My arm and shoulder area is  bit discoloured, sore, stiff, swollen etc.  I haven't felt any improvement yet and have been told it can take some time.  It's particularly irritating that this has happened so close to the finish line for me.  I've been reading some horror stories online and the possibility of pulmonary embolism is freaking me out a bit. 

Since this happened to you back in July perhaps you can share your experience now? Is it still giving you trouble?  Were there any further complications?  Any insights on what to expect would be greatly appreciated.