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Please can someone provide thoughts on findings urgently

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ok having thought it was bone cancer last week after CT scans it now looks like there is cancer in spleen, left lymph node (male breast cancer?) and in ribs - one of which has fractured which has caused so much pain. The orthopaedic specialist he is under said not to go and see bone person - he is in a quandry about who to send him to and is going to revert tomorrow! In the mean time wants to send for Bone isotope (I think that is what she said ) test tomorrow. Any thoughts? I can't even find cancer of the spleen. Is the other one breast cancer? if it is on 3 places that isn't good? Grateful for any responses. Thank you

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Hi again - it sounds like your orthopaedic person is working on bone being the primary with the rest of it as secondaries (spleen/lymph nodes).  It is highly unlikely that your dad has 3 primary tumours. She is investigating by doing the isotope.  IMHO it would be better to have a PET scan which will show up any cancer cells in the entire body.  If she can find the primary and also take a biopsy say of the spleen then it should establish exactly what your dad has.