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blockage in pancreas

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mum was admitted to hospital 5 weeks ago shes been home 12 days now

she was intially admitted for a pain in her arm and jaundice,they did a liver US and found a blockage but it wasnt clear so they did a ct scan and said it was too small to see what it  was

they then tried to do a ercp which failed due to the blockage, so after a week they had to do a ptc?? the one where they go through the side to put in a stent which they managed to do, that has relieved the jaundice

she hasnt been eating properly since christmas but more recently it has got really bad, she has small meals (children ready meals) and still leaves half she spends more and more of her day asleep cos she is so tired and her weight is dropping quickly

we havent been told what the problem is and are struggling to cope, she had breast cancer in 2009 double mastectomy and has secondaries in her lungs.

during the time she was in hospital they did tell her they saw some spots on her liver probably from the breast. im not coping too well as i dont know what to expect.

we are seeing the consultant on wednesday, hoping he will tell us more

we're not afriad of what it is just want to know so we can prepare ourselves for what we need to do

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Hi. Did you find out what the problem was?