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my quest for a complete care package

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Am I the only person who has realised that the cost of cancr does not mean the cure or the patients/family wellbeing through the process but "BUDGET".

For example you are going through the biggest battle you properly ever will in your lifetime.

To find yourself caught up between departments that ultimatley are supposed to be ther eot make life easier for you.

And their budgets, being sent to this one and that one, when you not only need this but the stress and anixety at a time when you least need it.

Surley the only priorty should be that you gt what you ned not being fobbed off, with for example excuses like these-:

dss told me that the nhs provide wigs for people with cancer

NHS told me to go to dss as they didint supply wigs suitable for me (Im mixed race)
All I wanted for my small children not to be scared of the new look mummy

the same goes with prosias in fact to date not a nurse mcmillian or otherwise has noticed that it doesnt match

It should surely be the case that each patients needs are taken into account, from day of diganois and a care package to incoroapte all agencies, should kick in immediatley.

So that each department knows what their responibilty is, and there is no confusion.

Finally am I the only woman that has apllied for disability living allowance having ahad a breast removed, only to be told that I have not had an amputiation done.

Apparentley an amputatuion is when it is a finger toe, and or hand or a foot.

I will say this I was so incensed that I took myself to their offices, to show them how amputated I was.

The battling has got to stop and the caring has to come back.

BUDGET oh how I hate that word now, has to be the last thing that comes into play, a complete package of care is what is needed what do other people think

Kate Tripp
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I think that you will find that cancer is now, or soon will be, covered by the disability and discrimination act. That means that as a cancer patient you are entitled to much more - blue badges and the suchlike. Call the Macmillan Benefits advise line and they should be able to help - they were great when I was really ill during chemo. With best wishes, a fellow Breast Cancer patient, Kate
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I will cetainly be phoning macmillan help line, I now recieve dla, but as i run cancer chatrooms and message boards, i know alot of my membrs dont even realise they are entiltled to it.

Please feel free to join our chat if you wish its address is

be well

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Liticiap are you also known as shelley and hectic mom? If so you are the lady who bans people from her group for no reason. I do not feel that you should be touting for members on this board, people have enough to cope with having cancer, without having to cope with your mind games.

Your nonsense made my sister very ill.
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I know 'liticiap's message was sent in May but I have only just read it and was really surprised by her feelings that she should be entitled to claim disability living allowance. I was first diagnosed 10 years ago with breast cancer and whilst it was devestating once my chemo and radiotherpay was finished and I'd come to terms with my altered body image it didn't stop me going back to the gym, ski-ing, dancing, walking, etc. etc. However, 10 years on I now I secondaries in the liver and spine and I can assure liticiap this is when you know you have a disability. I'm not able to do all the things I've mentioned above but I've learnt to adjust to this and the blue badge has been a godsend so please excuse me if I can't feel totally sorry for your quest in trying to get disability living allowance. Liticiap obviously has a lot of passion so maybe she should be championing the fight to get the NHS to supply appropriate wigs for ethnic communities - this is where she could really make a difference.
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I couldn't agrre more Sheena, however I feel that Shelley is only in this for what she can get. DLA for primary breast cancer is unheard of, not to mention mobility cars and cleaners.
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I'm very confused indeed. Shelley are you implying that a mastectomy is an amputation? Never heard it called that before and certainly wouldn't imagine it being as debilitating as losing a limb or digit. DLA should be for those seriously in need - for example - Sheena as posted above for the correct reasons.

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When I had chemo some years ago, I had a prescription for a wig, also the name of the shop I was to use. I've just started chemo again and have been told if I lose my hair, or it gets very thin - then I'll get a prescription for a wig.

I had my choice of several wigs -, I can't see why someone of mixed race can't get the same choice.  Also if I had needed I could have had a home help once or perhaps twice a week, I  would have had to pay for this.