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We found out one week before christmas that my partner has a B3 Thymoma

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Hello Di,

You must be feeling very anxious at the moment. I had cancer in the colon and they removed 15cm of it together with 15cm of intestine, they then discovered that it spread to my liver, now after 3 months of chemo’ I have just been told that the cancer has reduced by 33%. The point is to stay positive and try any alternative medicine you can find. I’ve had reflexology, cognitive hypnotherapy, spiritual healing, meditation and tried natural herbs to stop sickness and improve general well being, but do check any medication with your medical team first. The Royal Marsden that I attend has access to a large data base of natural medicines and their affects with chemo’.

The name of the game is to stay positive and be determined to beat that damn cancer; the will to live can have a great influence on the immune system.

Good luck to you both, Peter.