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mcmillan nurses <br/>when do they get involved

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Hi my husband has bowel cancer that has now spread to the liver, we were told that his condition was terminal in february 2006. what i need to know is when do the mcmillan nurses get involved.My husband has been doing quite well up to now but i feel he is starting to go downhill as his tummy is getting bigger and he is starting to lose his appetite
feeling sick and has dihorrea every time he goes to the loo despite the immodium that he takes. He isnt on any treatment just morphine tablets which he takes every day.we did have a mcmillan nurse but she left and went to do something else i beleive in the same field and we haven't heard from one since which has left me feeling as if nobody is interested any more, with my hyusband just relying on appointments with his surgeon who removed the tumour from his bowel and his oncologist.So where does the backuo come from as i thought they were our our link to the proffessionals. susieblue
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Hi Susie, you should be able to get a referal from your GP who will be aware of your husbands diagnosis. the GP could also arrange the district nurse to visit one of those should then be able to look to help including practical matters, like aids around the house- what about a hospice - they are not just places to die, but can help with pain control, respite care. Sadly it seems as if you 'have fallen through a hole' at the moment with noone giving you both the support you need and deserve. I hope a phonecall tomorrow, will help get things moving again.
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I asked exactly the same question susie ours didnt arrve until my dad was in hospital and I rang his Pallitive Specialist to say i wasnt happy with hospital treatment. Only seen him once and then dad went into hospice. I would speak to specialist PA or your GP especially if you need the help. The district nurses normally come from your local GP but its a cancer nurse you need to speak to isnt it, they can guide and re-assure you. Good luck unfortunately not enough of them to go round i guess. Xx
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Hi Susie,

I'm very sorry about your husband's condition and prognosis.

i'm not quite sure why you didn't automatically get a new Mac nurse when the first one left, as that is what should have happened, in my opinion. Your husband does not have to reach a certain degree of "seriousness" before it's justified - Macmillan nurses deal with any cancer patient, at any stage of the disease. My Dad had one even before his diagnosis was confirmed, and when he was, to all appearances, quite fit and well. So it definitely shouldn't be a question of waiting for it to get "bad enough".

It seems there has been some kind of breakdown in communication, and either the handover to a new nurse has gone wrong, or for some reason, they aren't aware you even want/need one.

Do chase it up with your G,P!

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