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Can calcification of the testicle lead to cancer?

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hi i am new here. i was wondering if you could help.

about 3 weeks ago i found a lump on my right testicle. i went to my doctor and he said it was an infection. i then had the worst infection that i have ever had in my life. i am 34. i spent a lot of the time in bed with a fever. i had back pain and stomach pain. now i still have a cough and i keep having dizzy spells i also still get lower back pain. i went for an ultrasound and i was told that i have calcification's on my testicle. since that scan i have found about three more lumps and they are attached to my testicle. when i touch the largest one it hurts and i feel like some one has kicked me there all the time. i am worried about these other lumps that have appeared. there is a history of cancer in the family so this doesn't help my nerves.

what i want to know is:

could it be cancer?

if not what do they do about the calcification's?

will i have these lumps for the rest of my life?

any help would be great as i am worried about this.


kind regards

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Hi Chris,

Welcome to this site.

I suggest that you go back to your gp and get him to refer you so they can find out what this is. Try not to worry too much (I know that will be hard to do).

Tell them all the symptoms that you are having etc.

Please keep posting and keep us informed. You can look for people that have testicular cancer on here and they may be able to help you too.

lots of love
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Hi Muncle, You may have already found this article but just in case not:

Question Title: calcification on testicle

Forum: The Urology Forum
Topic: Urology - General

For several months i had pain in my left testicle. A few weeks ago i also noticed a lump. My doctor sent me for an ultrasound and the radiologist told me it isnt' cancer, it's a calcification. Her explanation of the what and why of a calcification went WAY over my head. When i asked her what was usually done for this condition, she looked at me like i was an idiot and told me they don't do anything.
Can someone explain this? Do i just live with this lump and the periodic pain? Will it get worse? Thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks Vernon for your interesting question. This question definitely sent me back to the books.
An interesting topic came up. A condition called microlithiasis of the testicles, MT, ( literally means small stones of the testicles ) was initially thought to be suspicious for malignancy. This condition is usually asymptotic and is thought to be a coincidental finding in most patients who have ultrasounds for other reasons. The calcifications in this condition are very small 1-2 mm and are multiple and are usually in both testicles. Little is known about how and why the calcifications “get there.”
I am not so sure you have this condition because I am under the impression that you have only one calcification. ?? If you have a single calcification, it is possible that you experienced some unnoticed trauma which could have healed with calcium deposition. The important thing about your ultrasound is that it has not shown a tumor associated with this calcification. On the other hand, if you have multiple calcifications, and thus MT, follow up ultrasounds are debatable. Here are some articles which report on this rare condition. They are pro and con with regards to further ultrasonic follow-up. Bare in mind, that all of these patients underwent scrotal ultrasound for some initial event and the population is probably biased to detect a higher percentage of tumors then what is present in all people who have asymptotic MT

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thanks Fran and Henrietta

i did see my gp this moring because of the pain and cough but all he did was give me more antibiotics. he hasnt referred me or anything. all he said was that it was harmless and that i would have the lumps for the rest of my life. he has just left me to handle it myself. i did tell him about the extra lumps but he didnt really say why they where there. so i think i will go back and see another doctor to get a second opinion.

i read the article and it sounds alot like what i have, so i think i will look more into microlithiasis of the testicles.

thanks again for your help.

i will keep you posted.

kind regards

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There's also an article on

All the best

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hi guys

just thought i would update you.

i went back to my gp because the pain was spreading into my abdomen he has put me on ciprofloxacin 250mg twice a day. they dont help the pain or stop the cough and they make me feel worse if i am honest. the good thing is that he has referred me to an urologist.
i am a bit worried as i have found more lumps. i ashume that its more calcifications. i hope that the urologist will be able to help.
thanks again for your help and advice. i will keep you posted.


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hello again

i went to see the urologist. he checked me out and said that the calcifications where nothing to worry about. that they could be removed but he didnt think that would be a good idea.

i dont really know what to do. when i go for any kind of walk or exercise the pain gets bad. it is now going down my leg and up into my stomach.

i have had strong antibioctics but they didnt do anything.

i am a bit worried.
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Hi Chris,
I think you should go back to your GP and keep pestering them, something must be possible to at least make you more comfortable. I ve been bothered for the last few years with a varicocele down there (it can be very painful at times) and like you have been back and forward to GP and a urologist had a scan etc and last year I was told I would have to learn to live with it. I have now come to the conclusion that is not good enough and I am going back again.
I wish you luck with this.
All the best
Mrs. A
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Hi so my husband was diagnosed with cancer almost one year ago next month, and has complained so much of a lot of pain like someone has kicked him very hard in his left testicle since he does not have his right one anymore from losing it to cancer and had an ultra sound done  last week and now is showing  Micro calcification  and now we have to wait for te urology to call us to see what we do now I hate cancer  

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Hi Mrs. A

My husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2006,and has not had any recurrences, however just as your husband he experienced pain in his left testicle recently. After having an ultrasound they said it was a calcification, and no need for concern and to follow up with a 2nd ultrasound,and a visit to the urologist if he feels its necessary. Of course hes elated with the response from his Doctor, however i cannot relax. Im curious, did your husband see the urologist? And did the urologist say there was any reason for concern due to the history of cancer? Thank you for sharing your experience.

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I had testicular cancer in 2003.I had radiation back then. Now I have calcification in my remaining testical. Could the tradition caused the condition that leads to calcification?