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DWP overruling the DS1500 form

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Has anyone else had this happen? My MacMillan CAB advisor says he's not come across it before.

As a Stage IV breast cancer patient I have been claiming DLA (but not the mobility component) since diagnosis in 2011 but now I have to change to PIP, the DWP have turned down my application on Special Rules, saying that as my condition is currently stable, I don't qualify. This is despite my consultant having no hesitation in issuing the form which was duly signed by a MacMillan nurse at the hospital.

This is causing me a great amount of stress (which in itself is detrimental) as my financial circumstances are poor & the DLA was contributing greatly to my ability to fight my condition with the best diet/supplements/herbal treatments & therapies. 

How can the DWP overrule an oncologist who has my records in front of them?

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So sorry to hear this, the rules on "special rules" you can see here.  This of course does not mean you wont get benefits just that you have to apply for them on the ordinary route.Hope you can get this sorted soon



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Hi Steve.

We have looked over the PIP form & there is no way I would accrue enough points for a claim & because I'm self-employed (working from home) there are no other benefits I qualify for.

If the stress contributes to a deterioration, I'm told I will again be eligible under Special Rules - what you call a lose/lose situation :(