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Appointment anxiety

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Has anyone ever been able to have a phone appointment for scan results, instead of face to face?

Mum has results this week and is so anxious I can't see she'll get to the appointment and if she does I'm pretty sure she will fall apart. 

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You don't say in your post what stage your mother is at or what type of cancer and you don't have any information on your profile. So I had a look back through your past posts and I THINK your mum has gallbladder cancer and was diagnosed a year or more ago. Why does this matter? Because if she were awaiting the results of initial tests and was potentially going to hear that she had cancer, I would say that no doctor would do a telephone appointment as they would need to see how she reacts and then make arrangements for follow-up care if the results were bad.

If indeed I've got the history more or less right and she's already a year into this cancer experience, and if the doctor with the results is one that already knows her, then why not do it by phone? Can you call the doctor's secretary and explain the situation, that your poor mum is so stressed that you think wild horses won't be able to drag her into the surgery, and that you'd really appreciate if the doc could phone her instead, maybe they'll agree. 

A lot will depend on whether the doctor physically needs to see / touch / examine your mum.

It's got to be worth a call to try to find out if there's a telco option.