Vulvar Cancer Stage 1a/VIN 3

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Hi, I was diagnosed with very early stage invasive vulvar cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) back in 2005 at the age of 41. Following wide local excision and subsequent excision of further VIN 3 I am so far all clear.

I am posting so that anyone going through this can ask me any questions about my experiences. I would be happy to help in any way I can.

Sarah xx

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    hi sarah , i actually want to know it all , but wont ask, i couldnt tell u stages etc as i just wouldnt ask anything about it , i thought if i didnt talk about it it wouldnt be there , i was diagnosed with it on the 14th july , i had my first excision on my vulva at my local gyn hospital, but they didnt get a big enough marginge or something free, i had to then go to edinbrugh have more surgery on my vulva, i have to date not look at it , and i actually hate having a shower and touching it to wash with shower spray, i had my lymph nodes taken from my left groin also and 8 weeks on my wounds not healed , still think i have stitches in that havent disolved , i have went to my local surgery to which i find them totally useless and im not kidding in this , i think the are ignorant to what can happen after such surgerys , i know im so angry at the moment but im really struggling with this after care etc , the swellings already started in my legs and im doing exercises and massage i was told to do , when at nurse in local surgery , she said to me do u think this could be effects from your op ?????  and on having first appoitment for local doctor after not seeing him for 3 years i may say all letters from hospital handed in etc , i asked if i could have pain killers and his response was so what have u been up to that u need painkillers , i just feel its a case of we got the cancer so get on wi it , but its so hard , i dont come on this sight much  [edited by admin] thanks id really love to hear from some one who has gone threw this x

  • Hi Janet, you have every right to be angry. Do not die of politeness. If you think people are not listening, shout. Change your gp, he sounds like a dick. If you are in pain you should be offered pain management. Drugs or breathing exercises, not platitudes.