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Sometimes in life you realise just what you have,

A moment…a tear…a laugh,

Can just about change anything and everything.

Every challenge becomes a triumph,

In some way or another.


Every thorn can be nurtured into a rose,

Every crack can compose art.

Even the darkest of days can turn bright,

If you hold belief and trust in your heart.


A single moment…just one

Whether it is seconds, minutes or hours,

Can determine a lifetime, be it happy or sad

And make you conserve and believe in

Every precious moment you’ve ever had.


Like the rustle of an autumn wind,

Carrying even the smallest of creations

A rainbow of life, or transparent sombre

We endeavour to lightly breeze through.


Each clarifying moment becomes serenity,

Bringing calm, ease and euphoria.

Developing into blossom.


A dismal moment converting into strength,

A seminar of existence, a test.

Any catastrophic breath embellishing hope.

Hope building into courage and aspiration.


Any person can touch your heart,

Even more so, the ones who you least expect to.

Experiences shared, whether good or bad.

Bring people together in their existence

Creating truth, sense and inspiration.


Written by me :-)