my lovely mum

just wanted to share a poem i wrote for my mums funeral on wednesday.xxxxx

                                         MY LOVELY MUM

We could never find the words to say.

The way that we felt when you left us that day.

Broken hearted and really sad.

But your out of pain and of this we are glad.

You took on the world without a frown.

And you never let things get you down.

When things got tough you battled through.

Cause you loved your family and this we knew.

You smiled through life through good and bad.

And right there beside you was our lovely dad.

The day you took your vows you knew.

He would be there the whole time through.

He loved you more than words could say.

And all your family felt this way

We were proud to say that you was our mother.

And can take comfort from knowing your with your brother.

A much loved lady who lit up a room.

Who is up in the sky beyond the moon.

Watching over us where ever we go.

And sending us love like you always did show.

A mother to us but our best friend.

We are sorry that it came to an end.

But you our mum deserved at least.

To be allowed to rest in peace.

xxxxxxlove you always mum we will never forget you your the best mum anyone could ever wish for and we will love you forever.xxxxxxxxxxxxx