a poem by James Valvis

Dear all,

My computer is set up to find a new poem every day. The other day I got this one, which made me smile. I really recognised my experience of a year ago. I thought I should share it here.

With best wishes to everyone xx

SOMETHING by James Valvis

The minute the doctor says colon cancer
you hardly hear anything else.
He says other things, something
about something. Tests need to be done,
but with the symptoms and family something,
excess weight, something about smoking,
all of that together means something something
something something, his voice a dumb hum
like the sound of surf you know must be pounding,
but the glass window that has dropped down
between you allows only a muffled hiss
like something something. He writes a prescription
for something, which might be needed, he admits.
He hands you something, says something, says goodbye,
and you say something. In the car your wife says
something something and something about dinner,
about needing to eat, and the doctor wanting tests
doesn’t mean anything, nothing, and something
something something about not borrowing trouble
or something. You pull into a restaurant
where you do not eat but sit watching her
eat something, two plates of something,
blurry in an afternoon sun thick as ketchup,
as you drink a glass of something-cola
and try to recall what the doctor said
about something he said was important,
a grave matter of something or something else.


  • Hi James, I found your poem very relevant and moving well done Cheers Maria G

  • Good poem, you should try writing one yourself?

  • The other morning I accompanied a friend to the local surgery; sitting in the car waiting the few minutes to appointment time. Although fully masked up I could tell from his mournful look that he was not in optimistic mood, but we still managed a few smiles and humorous banter.

    I had the radio on and we listened to that upbeat Alan Parsons number "Eye in the Sky", recalling those far off days when life seemed in retrospect to belong to a golden era.

    After my friend departed I thought it would be fitting if I could find a few verses that reflected my nostalgic thoughts and encompassed what I knew my friend felt about his wife.

    Anyone with a musical inclination may wish to adapt the verses to the Alan Parsons backing tempo. Others might find something appealing in the words and sentiment.

    You see my heart in pain

    All along you feel the same

    I should know, having been here before

    For you enrapture my very core

    Its always that way

    wherever it goes

    Because it continually grows

    I wake each morning, you deep in my mind

    Through my daily routine we're two of a kind

    Your wistful looks hold me in sway

    I cherish you in every way

    Belief in you

    Like a bright sun ray

    I try to decipher such a display

    Living a dream and all that it means

    It constantly redeems

    My world belongs to youooo

    Every day from morning till night

    You give me the will to fight

    My world belongs to youooo

    Read my mind

    My world belongs to you

    Every day and in every way

    You have the power to point the way

    An horizon awaits in the north

    Calling to us henceforth

    My world belongs to youooo

    My world belongs to youooo

    You are with me and for sure I know

    whatever the outcome with you by my side

    My life for ever is yours to preside

    My world belongs to youooo

    My world belongs to youooo


  • Thanks, Ricky411. I did. It's posted somewhere here but I can't find anything on this new website, so here it is again. Hope you enjoy it. It's a bit long, so you might want to make a cup of tea first ;-)

    It's about a year old now, but still very relevant. Every step of the way. Take care :-)

    Where I am


    There was a day

    And now there is this one

    It has a particular tinge

    Its own colour and taste

    Its own flavour and smell

    Its own scent and feel

    Its own feelings

    And so I will take it

    One day at a time


    If you have time

    If there is a space in your life

    If it is not too painful

    Or difficult

    Walk this way with me

    I will show you what I see

    On my way

    You can tell me

    How you feel

    Together we walk

    For a while

    In the dance of life

    Mine and yours

    You can tell me

    About you too


    And so it is

    We will have shared

    A moment


    And for this, I am so grateful

    Because at the moment

    My path can be lonely

    So for someone

    To dare

    Take a few steps

    In the unknown

    Away from advice

    For a situation which is my own

    With my body

    My soul

    Is brave

    It is also a show of trust


    You trust me

    To look after myself

    You trust me

    To know what's best for me

    You trust me

    Because you love me

    And respect the person that I am

    Perhaps you even think I am intelligent

    And wise

    Some do

    I'm also scared and vulnerable

    But often strong and brave

    And still intelligent and wise


    I will tell you what I need

    If I need anything

    Please do the same

    I'm here

    This is not a one-way street

    And we cannot "guess" each other

    If you need to give me something

    (because you need to, not because I need you to)

    Do so

    And tell me

    Why you needed to do that

    That will be an even bigger present


    If you need anything from me

    Tell me

    I may well find it

    In my big treasure trove of love


    I trust you

    To know what's best for you


    And when you tell me the tales

    Of how you navigated your own fears

    (Not how to navigate mine)

    When you stop "trying to help"

    But are simply there with me

    Witnessing, listening, loving

    We sometimes find a key

    To our very own conundrums


    If we listen to each other

    One step at a time

    We can make a very big change

    Even to the most challenging situations.

  • I loved the way you expressed your feelings for your friend. I also have a wonderful partner to accompany me, which, for this journey, is nothing short of a "blessing", whatever one's views on these things...