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Dock Leaf

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I’ve got a bag of pasta,

Tomatoes in a tin

An extra pack of loo rolls,

the ultimate new sin.

I can’t get any hand wash,

Baked beans are rare as gold

And everyone is worried

As we protect our old.

We watch out for the symptoms,

A sore throat and a cough.

And we avoid the handshakes

Life now is getting tough.

We’re following the guidelines

And up and down the land,

We’re singing Happy Birthday

As we lather up our hands.

And if we are out shopping

To see what’s left in town,

If we see someone sneezing

We step away and frown.

Schools might soon be closing

Parents buy up gin,

Weeks and weeks of boredom

The future’s looking grim.

Many will be worried

That they can’t earn any money,

And for all those little businesses

This time is far from funny.

But stop and look around you

There is blossom on the trees,

The birds haven’t stop singing

We have butterflies and bees.

Use this latest crisis

To step back from the strife,

The pressures of your workplace

And reassess your life.

Spring is around the corner,

feel that gentle breeze

And when we have no paper,

There’ll be plenty of dock leaves

wavy s
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How very true this all is. I just love it. Made an old man smile at last. 

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Thankyou, glad you enjoyed it x