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Hi all, just waiting on things kicking of so i started contemplating.

I contemplate on many things,

what life has brought to what it brings,

because as far as i can see,

i contemplate for that is me..

i contemplate the moon and stars,

pollution! from the planes and cars,

politicians and their talk of war,

by passing "diplomatic corps..

i contemplate on who would gain,

nuclear winters acid rain,

the damage that it does so great

THAT is what i contemplate..

but then upon a happy thought,

i contemplate on what i've got,

my wife my kids clothes on our back

sadly things some people lack..

methinks i contemplate to much,

the lines i've written,proof as such,

family , wars , pollution stated

But that is what i contemplated...


If you're going through hell keep going, I'll meet you at the other end x