Poems about life

In 2007 my mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer

i wrote her this poem...I never thought 12 years later it would be me with this disease (her Son)


'You didn’t invite him in; he just took it upon himself to stay.
You asked him patiently to leave; he even listened to you pray.

He caused you so much anguish; he was always in your space,
And even though you sought to evict him, he ignored the sadness on your face.

He took advantage of your health, he knew you hadn't the strength to shun him.
He just planned to wear you down; this lodger was wicked and cunning.

Behind his back you sought more advice; you even prevented him bringing round friends,
You stoically ignored his presence; you even fed him to make amends.

You never wanted him to see you down; you bravely tried to ignore him with a scowl.
But your mood towards him was changing, this lodger was crude and foul.

Your secret meetings behind his back were calculated and well thought.
This evil squatter, come lodger, was convinced he could stay, and not be caught.

Then twelve months later, after he rudely invaded your home, your life, your space.
This rogue trespasser, was about to be put firmly and rightfully in his place.

On the 12th of June 2008, when your health was at its peak, you suddenly got the
You went to hospital, with faith in God, and the Surgeon

You all evicted, Breast Cancer.

  • 2020 version to myself

    The Cancer Poem

    Hello nice to see you I haven’t seen you for ?

    Ok, no problem your busy, a lots happened, We need a catch up soon.

    Ok you’ll  call me soon, one afternoon, yes your busy, you vocally said.

    You take care we’ll chat another day, of course I’ll keep plugging away , see you later Ted

    I saw Ted today honey, he didn’t stop to talk, he couldn’t get away fast enough he would of run if he could , but he didn’t ......he did walk.

    He said he ring or call one day, or maybe one  afternoon

    It will be like Des and Jed, he will call ...as rare as full moon

    Do you know Mr,s Giles crossed the road to avoid me today

    She saw me , but blatantly and obviously looked the other way.

    Did anyone phone for me, whilst I was out, was their any post ?

    I’m developing a complex that I’m invisibly, I’ve become a living ghost

    Honey what’s wrong with me, I’m not guilty of any crime,

    Not sure if any of our friends are visiting now, .....or soon ...or anytime.

    Life’s hard, it’s cruel it’s all messed up with no simplified answer.

    I think You are the only one who stands by me, to face this bloody cancer.

    Don,t  say to folk, if you need anything I will be there

    Because when you don’t show up, the question is do you really care

    Don’t say I’m here if you need me, and that you have my back

    Because when your not there, you don’t see my life,  begin to crack

    Your not there, when I cry lonely And alone,

    Yet however many miles separate us there’s always a phone

    Don’t say you wish you could make it better, and take away the pain.

    All I want Is company, it’s the isolation that drives me insane.

    I know it’s hard to broach a conversation, it’s hard to say hello

    It’s harder still to say it’s not catching, don’t you know.

    Cancer affects so may people , estimated now , it’s one in two !!

    Please don’t ignore me again, I wouldn’t do it, if it were you.

  • One I wrote about 15 years ago when my now adult sons were small, 


    Daddy, why are green's so good for us?
    Yet grass will make us sick.

    Why do you hate chicken so much?
    Yet you still call Mummy 'Chick'.

    Daddy, why will eating carrots, help me see more in the night?
    I wouldn't have to eat them, if you left on my bedroom light.

    Daddy, why do you let Father Christmas come down our chimney pot?
    Mummy told me 'Don’t go there! It’s very, very hot'.

    Daddy why does eating porridge help to make me grow?
    Granddad's huge! And hates the stuff, he told me don't you know.

    Daddy why does medicine taste so bad, but always makes you better?
    And why do you always get bad news, inside a big brown letter.

    Daddy why is it that big boys shouldn't cry.?
    I know that when I’m older,

    I will do, if you die.

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    Thsnks so much for your poems


  • The Hour Glass Of Life

    The shape of my vessel is two dimensional.
    The beginning and end, the middle lasts no time.

    My matter travels through the tightest of spaces
    One grain of me follows the other, in harmony or rage.

    I feel the pull of gravity, yet try to stem it daily
    occasionally I freely go with the tide of time.

    Often those specs around me are similar of thought
    though once in a moment their company is overwhelming.

    I speed my motion to remove myself from their presence
    yet I meet them or similar, along this journey of time.

    The warmth of closeness and the rush of wind and air,
    the outward reflection of the earth are mere rooms.

    My time is near its end I am but a grain of sand
    in this hour glass of time, will I ever revolve again?

  • LOSS

    Why is this void, and the pain, so immense?
    Why is this sorrow, so sad and intense?

    Why has my life, now come to a stop?
    Why am I so tired, but my eyes won’t drop?

    Why am I angry, frightened and scared?
    Why do I wonder, if you knew that I cared?

    Why do I doubt that life must go on?
    Why does the room appear as though the light is not on?

    Why do I hear that voice deep down inside?
    That softly says

    ' I love you, and I know that you tried'.

    When will this sadness pass,.. when will it end?
    That softly voice whispers,

    'your heart will soon mend'

    Why did I love you, why did I care?
    The gentle voice inside says,

    'God said you'd be there'.

    Why do I miss the sound of your voice, and the gentle touch of you?
    The subtle voice replies

    ' I love you,......,;

    And God does too.